Taylor Luke

Tman D VilleTaylor Luke started his journey with acting at the young age of 5. His first taste of performing was in the local theatre. He then started participating in his school plays. By 7 years old he wanted to further his reach in the performing world so he and his parents made a deal; if he still showed the same or increased interest in acting at the age of 10 his parents would make connections with agents in the Texas area. Needless to say, Taylor held up his end of the contract and was begging his parents to follow through on their end. After some months of searching options Taylor chose his agents and manager. The last 3 1/2 years have been a whirlwind of experiences for Taylor and his family. Taylor enjoys his acting classes, auditions, callbacks and being on set performing with other professional actors. Taylor loves to read, travel, playing with his 2 lab dogs and cycling with his family. He welcomes the opportunity to continue to grow and learn in his skill set. Taylor lives by the saying: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground!” 
All the Shrek movies
Doctor horrible
Nightmare before Christmas
We’re the millers
Harry potter
Iron man 1 (2 and 3 kinda stunk)
Despicable me
Sixth sense
Marley and me
Ferris buelers day off
Flushed away
Chitty chitty bang bang (for nostalgia reasons)
Horrible bosses
Now you see me
The wiz
The wizard of oz
Identity thief
Men in black (all of them)
Pitch perfect
21 jump street (new one)
R.E.D (both, but 1st more than the sequel)
Forrest Gump
Green lantern

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