Sarah England

SarahSarah has been a proud member of the Twitchy family since 2009, and has appeared in 5 features since first joining them to help make ‘Snatch ‘n’ Grab’. Formally trained, With a B.F.A in Theatre Arts from Stephens College, Sarah has appeared on both stage and screen since moving to Austin in 2004. Working with such a dedicated group of people is both an honor and a pleasure. No one does what Twitchy Dolphin Flix does; constantly producing new, award-winning material with un-rivaled professionalism. Sarah looks forward to working far into the future with these amazing people.

FUN FACT 1:  Sarah has no middle name.
FUN FACT 2:  Sarah is from England.





Princess Bride
Breakfast Club
Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet
American Psycho
Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Batman Begins
Blade 2

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