Marc Wasserman

Marc D VilleMarc began studying acting at age 6 appearing on Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. At the age of 10, Marc, joined the local Jewish Community Center workshops. His first scene was from Sweet Charity and he was hooked on musical theater. The following 8 years included continued Summer Stock musical performances, plays and founding his High Schools Drama Club. Upon acceptance into UC Irvine’s Theater Department he came down with meningitis and had a brush with death. On the verge of losing his life and then beating the illness, it was goodbye college and off to the Hollywood grind. Studying with various singing, acting and dancing coaches he set out to be a triple threat. Pounding the pavements, audition after audition, bit parts, B-movies, cable movies, commercials, public service announcements, plays, musicals and tons of rejections. He began writing and decided that if anyone was going to turn him down for a part again, it would be, him. Driven by his thirst to create and produce, in 1992, he went back to school and earned his Juris Doctrate Degeree and became an Attorney so that he could earn enough money to produce the plays and films he was writing. In 1999, along with his life-long friend, Dave Cohen, they opened Res Ipsa Productions and produced the first play he wrote, Terminal. He then went on to re-write Terminal for the screen, and they produced the Award-Winning film Terminal. Marc has been nominated and won several awards for his work on Res Ipsa films, Commute, Grappling with your Demons and most recently was awarded the Golden Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for his performance in Falling Down. Marc is proud to be back working for Twitchy Dolphin Flix, having appeared in Dear Boss Ripper, 3 References, Quadruple X and Quad X 2.  When he is not on set, Marc runs a successful Law Practice and is married with 3 beautiful children.




Wolf of wall street
Reservoir dogs
Pulp fiction
True romance
Godfather 2
Godfather 3
The last outlaw
Zero effect
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill 2
Inglorioous basterds
Jackie Brown
Big trouble in little China
They call me Bruce
The last Dragon
Donnie brasco
Open range
King Creole
The wiz
West side story
Star wars
Empire strikes back
Schindlers list
Rocky 2
Rocky 3
Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band
Blazing saddles
A few good men
Purple rain
Dark blue
The natural
Ben hurl
Saving private Ryan
Bitch Cassidy and the Sundance kid
Side out
Paper Chase


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