Janet Mayson

Janet D VilleJanet Mayson is an actress, producer, singer and songwriter. She is extremely passionate about independent filmmaking, music, and animals, and has the Libby Girl Series of award-winning short films starring her dogs.  She has also assisted friends with assistant directing, casting, and location scouting. She loves both sides of the camera but lives for acting.  Recent acting roles in Twitchy films include Grace in 3 REFERENCES and Dr. Long in the XXXX saga.  Other recent roles include Betty in NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, Mary in DAY 1, and Mayor Greenwell in DENIZEN.  Janet has also appeared in regional television and radio commercials, performed in theater productions, and sang solo and in bands (including Thataway, which performed all over Illinois and Indiana). One of her favorite music shows, she performed solo before a sold out crowd of Brooks & Dunn fans at an Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame concert where she made grown men cry as she sang in honor of an inductee, the late Lee Wiley. That was an experience she will never ever forget.  These days, she enjoys writing and recording original songs, and her songs have been included in Twitchy films including “Tonight” in TURKEY DAY, “He Surrounds Me” in GOIN’ GUERRILLA, “Subconsciously” in 3 REFERENCES, and “A Werebitch” in the WEREBITCHES saga.  Her other love is photography and enjoys capturing moments of animals, rock bands, and behind the scenes of film sets, so watch out for those!  More info at  www.WoofNow.com/JanetMayson.html.
The Matrix
The Negotiator
A Knight’s Tale
Breakfast Club
Top Gun
Turkey Day
The Lost Boys
Encino Man
The Hunt for Red October
Men in Black
Die Hard
The Fugitive
Deja Vu
Independence Day
The Sixth Sense
The Other Sister
While You Were Sleeping
Beverly Hills Cop

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