James Christopher

DVille CrewJC

James Christopher was born and raised in Houston, Texas, graduating from Houston’s St. Pius X High School.  His fascination with movies can be traced back to the womb when his mother went to see Jaws.  From then on, he remembers thrilling at the sight of Superman flying, Indiana Jones’ whip, laughing at the Ghostbusters and being both intrigued and terrified of Darth Vader.  As his love for movies grew, James dove into acting as a medium to express himself.  He felt most alive on stage, trying to move an audience.  It wasn’t until he saw The Crow, however, that he started to think he could actually make a movie himself.

Before entering college, James served in the United States Army as a Fire Support Sergeant.  During his seven years of service, James deployed to Bosnia as a member of Operation: Joint Guard.

After serving, James attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television and Film and a Bachelor of Arts in History.  It was at UT that James started to focus on writing and directing as his career path.  It was at UT that he wrote his first three feature length scripts, Littlefield, Eden’s Valley and Falling Home.  The latter two are still looking for a studio home.  James’ writing has been recognized by several writing competitions and film festivals.

In 2007, James, Chris Copple, Jessica Bybee-Dziedzic and Nathan Bybee formed Twitchy Dolphin Flix, a micro budget film company in Austin, Texas.  They work hard to deliver movies of all genres, using the creative freedom that comes with their autonomy and helping to develop a viable indie film industry in Austin, Texas.  In that capacity, he’s written and directed 12 feature films.

Currently, James resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Jessica, daughter Jourdan and their two German shepherds, Colt and Vader.  James spends his time writing and working on new projects.  He’s always looking for the new challenge to take and a new story to tell.





  • 1)  Jaws
  • 2)  The Empire Strikes Back
  • 3)  Raiders of the Lost Arc
  • 4)  The Godfather
  • 5)  The Dark Knight
  • 6)  Star Wars: A New Hope
  • 7)  Back To The Future
  • 8)  Man of Steel
  • 9)  When Harry Met Sally
  • 10) The Crow
  • 11) The Goonies
  • 12) Ghostbusters
  • 13) Almost Famous
  • 14) Christmas Vacation
  • 15) Vacation
  • 16) Gold Finger
  • 17) Halloween
  • 18) The Exorcist
  • 19) Pretty in Pink
  • 20) Die Hard
  • 21) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • 22) Return of the Jedi
  • 23) Annie Hall
  • 24) Grosse Pointe Blanke
  • 25) Rocky
  • 26) Saving Private Ryan
  • 27) The Outlaw Josey Wales
  • 28) The Graduate
  • 29) Scream
  • 30) Blazing Saddles
  • 31) Say Anything
  • 32) The Big Lebowski
  • 33) Batman 89
  • 34) The Last Picture Show
  • 35) Airplane
  • 36) Lethal Weapon
  • 37) Psycho
  • 38) Casino Royale
  • 39) The Omen
  • 40) Caddyshack
  • 41) Dazed and Confused
  • 42) History of the World Part 1
  • 43) American Pie
  • 44) 6th Sense
  • 45) Planes Trains & Automobiles
  • 46) The Untouchables
  • 47) Miller’s Crossing
  • 48) Perks Of Being A WallFlower
  • 49) Young Guns
  • 50) The Way



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