Grace Hathaway

DVille CrewGraceGrace moved to Austin to attend film school at the University of Texas. She started as a Production Assistant on 3 References.  From there she went on to work on the camera department in the QUAD X Saga.  She’s also directed a short, Sexy Homicidal Hooker that will be part of the anthology film Sorority Slumber Party Slaughter. For DisAssociationVille,  she has moved to a role as producer on the film.  She’s got a bright future in film ahead of her!

Fun Facts:
1. Grace loves to travel. She went to Barcelona last may, lived in Norway for three years, and is studying abroad in Denmark for the Spring 2014 semester.
2. Grace has a hedgehog obsession and finally got a hedgehog named Stella a year ago!
3. When she’s not working at Twitchy, she’s a bartender and a server! Shots for everyone!



  1. The Three Colors Trilogy

  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  3. Before Sunrise

  4. The Dark Knight

  5. Lost in Translation

  6. Goodfellas

  7. The Godfather

  8. Bridesmaids

  9. Blue Valentine

  10. Like Crazy

  11. A Christmas Story

  12. Memento

  13. The Shining

  14. Notorious

  15. The Graduate

  16. Chicago

  17. Psycho

  18. No Country For Old Men

  19. Office Space

  20. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  21. Singin’ In The Rain

  22. Mean Girls

  23. The Breakfast Club

  24. Chocolat

  25. Beauty and the Beast


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