Chris Copple

DVille CrewChrisChris Copple was formed from elements forged in a collapsing star some time ago – many speculate the beginnings at just under 14 billion light years – but that’s relative and really conceptual when viewed from a Megaverse perspective. The eukaryotic and symbiotic prokaryotic cells now known as “Chris” formed a friendly relationship sometime during the womb that would develop into someone with a lactose intolerance and several common allergies. They also imbued him with a fairly normal mental capacities and height measurements. This legion of cells was given the name Christopher Copple around C.E. 1985.

He was raised in Indiana until the internet connections in Texas began to outpace the northern states by 2 to 1. His family quickly picked up shop and ended up in a small town near Austin. While here he befriended a goofy gang of nerds known as the Gamers. Together they entered the digital foray of storytelling with the classic nonsense saga called Yawbus. As it turned out Taylor was near enough to the University of Texas so that when given the chance Chris studied Film there – he learned quickly that Yawbus was neither classic nor a saga. He focused on Film Production and Media Studies – leading to an elitist appreciation for a captivating visual story and a well constructed script.

He then went on to help form a pod of eccentric vibrating dolphins who proclaimed to be “Twitchy.” They went on to work on several feature length films together despite most people thinking they were moving too fast.

While doing this Chris also spent 3 years concurrently in a Galaxy far far away as a cinematic designer for Star Wars the Old Republic. With the FTL’s fully spooled Chris was convinced working on the largest story driven game wasn’t enough so he continued working on features while in the other galaxy – one of which screened at the Austin Film Festival around CE 2013.

Chris is now prepping the visuals for DisAssociationVille, and trying to get a time machine working. While not working on Twitchy stuff Chris practices his Columbo trivia skills and Hunter S. Thompson “trip” recreation group.

Trivia 1: Was Student Senate President – despite most people in the school not knowing who he was.


Trivia 2: Often told he looks like random white actors when in dark rooms full of booze.


Trivia 3: He may be the inspiration for “You’re so vain.” – However, he hasn’t gotten his time machine working quite right yet so he has no pic therefore it didn’t happen.





1. The Dark Knight

2. Akira

3. Rushmore

4. Chung King Express

5. Perfect Blue

6. 12 Monkeys

7. Audition

8. Se7en

9. The Crow

10. Inception

11. The Goonies

12. Taxi Driver

13. The Shining

14. Mallrats

15. Ghost in the Shell

16. Heat

17. Man of Steel

18. Giants and Toys

19. Master of the Flying Guillotine

20. Pan’s Labyrinth

21. Memento

22. Blade Runner

23. Paprika

24. M

25. Groundhog Day

26. The Big Lebowski

27. Rashomon

28. Prestige

29. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

30. Videodrome

31. Lady in the Dunes

32. I’m a Cyborg but that’s ok

33. Home Alone

34. Unbreakable

35. Lady Vengeance

36. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

37. Big Man Japan

38. Clue

39. Ghostbusters

40. High Fidelity

41. Vertigo

42. Kwaidan

43. American Psycho

44. The Bad Sleep Well

45. The Apartment

46. Death by Hanging

47. eXistenZ

48. Le Samourai

49. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

50. Tommy Boy


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