Andrea Dettling

Andrea D VilleAndrea Dettling first discovered her love for acting back in her high school days.  She was involved in several theatre productions as well as improv shows with both her high school and local community theatre.  Andrea holds a BFA in Acting and Directing from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  She later moved to Austin, Texas to better develop her acting career where she now works on stage and film.  Andrea is a Founding Member of ‘A Working Group’ at The Robichaux Studio where she trained in a full 2 year Meisner program with Richard Robichaux.  She also has had advanced training in improv with the amazing Irene White.  Some of her more recent films include Werebitches 3 and Coed Campfire Carnage.   Andrea is excited to continue work within her growing family, Twitchy Dolphin Flix.





1.  Ghostbusters

2.  Will Ferrell

3.  Elizabeth
4.  Batman Returns
5.  Anything by Broken Lizard’s
6.  Superstar
7.  I Love You Man
8.  Emperor’s New Groove
9.  Memoirs of a Geisha
10.  Superman (all of them)
11.  Beautiful Mind
12.  6 Days to Air
13.  The Count of Monte Cristo
14.  Dumb and Dumber
15.  Three Amigos
16.  There Will Be Blood
17.  The Addam’s Family
18.  Trading Places
19.  Being John Malkovich
20.  Tommy Boy
21.  Stardust
22.  Clue
23.  300
24.  Coed Campfire Carnage
25.  The Little Mermaid
26.  28 Days Later
27.  Lost in Translation
28.  MIB
29.  Zoolander
30.  Gangs of New York
31.  The Truman Show
32.  Underworld
33.  Tin Man
34.  Shaun of the Dead
35.  Aeon Flux
36.  Death to Smoochy
37.  The Silence of the Lambs
38.  Fallen
39.  The Bone Collector
40.  Seven

41.  Fight Club
42.  Hot Rod
43.  The Illusionist
44.  Due Date

45.  The Nightmare Before Christmas


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