Allison Wood

AllisonAllison was born and raised in Colorado.  She moved to Texas to go to Texas A & M University and graduated with a degree in Sports Management.  She loves being outdoors and enjoys partaking in various athletic activities all year round. Her current pursuit is golf where she endeavors not to throw her clubs into the lake every time she plays.

Fun Fact #1 – Competitive Body Builder in college

Fun Fact #2 – Brother is the Payload Integration Specialist for the International Space Station

Fun Fact #3 – She lives in Costa Rica and comes up to be in Twitchy Dolphin movies.
1) Princess Bride
2) Usual Suspects
3) Godfather
4) Age of Champions
5) White Christmas
6) Singing in the Rain
7) Sound of Music
8) Grease
9) Star Wars IV
10) Empire Strikes Back
11)  Return of the Jedi
12) Harry Potter: Philosophers Stone
13) HP: Chamber of Secrets
14) HP: Prisoner of Azkaban
15) HP: Goblet of Fire
16) HP: Order of the Phoenix
17) HP: Half-Blood Prince
18) HP: Deathly Hallows
19) Jaws
20) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
21) Ferris Buller’s Day Off
22) 16 Candles
23) Breakfast Club
24) Rocky
25) Die Hard
26) Terminator
27) Pulp Fiction
28) My Fair Lady
29) Mary Poppins
30) Shawshank Redemption
31) Forest Gump
32) Raiders of the Lost Ark
33) Alien
34) Aliens
33) Back to the Future
34) Gladiator
35) X-Men
35) Men in Black
36) Braveheart
37) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
38) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
39) Up
40) Lion King
41) Good Will Hunting
42) Hobbit
43) Casino
44) Bourne Identity
45) Bourne Ultimatum
46) Bourne Legacy
47) Bourne Supremacy
48) Skyfall
49) Star Trek – All of them

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