We got a great review from the folks at The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards:

“DisAssociationVille by James Christopher is a flashback heavy drama about love and loss. What makes this film both so enjoyable and interesting is its particular pace of various careful intimate moments. The script, above all, seems to be one of the most noteworthy of efforts I have ever seen in micro budget arena. Its both original, and yet reminiscent of all the things we expect from a good Hollywood film… even though it isn’t by any means a Hollywood film.
The surprising turn of the film is its beautiful balancing act of multiple characters which simply appear fully formed. We don’t need much time to feel forever at home with these beings, and they all feel real and welcoming to us. Perhaps this is thanks to our prospective – pinned with Chris, that we get to follow Derek Babb and his cool naturalism steady all the tones of the film.
Unlike the mumblings of the teacher telling off our lead, this isn’t a film which isn’t working to its ‘potential’, but rather quite the opposite. It is full of potential which is utilised and pushed to its fullest. Perhaps the only criticism I hold is that the film felt perhaps too polished – its sound felt dubbed, its photography rather overly smooth… perhaps a bit more of a rough palette would have made the film even more realistic and nostalgic for the viewer. It is though, regardless of that rough texture I crave, a beautiful story told with much heart, love and care for attention. High recommended.”