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And that. Is. A. Wrap. We finished the movie in Sabinal this weekend. We spent most of the weekend capturing the town itself. We want Sabinal, with all its quirk and tarnish to be a character in the film. So we spent time getting shots of local business, features and even the drive to and from town, all to enrich the tapestry of the location of the film.

We also wrapped Derek Babb and Terissa Kelton for the film. I can’t say enough about what these two brought to the movie. Their work ethic. Their talent. The bravery. They brought the movie to light and humbled me with their performance. The way I work on set puts a lot of pressure on actors to create.

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I can’t help but think back on the 20 shoot days we’ve had.  And the 7-8 months of preproduction before that.  Or back to 3 years ago when I put the first word of the script down. It’s been a long journey. One that forced me to look at a lot of my own past and deal with things I’d not dealt with in a long time. I honestly didn’t go into looking for some sort of catharsis. And the story we told isn’t necessarily “true.’  I just peppered a story I wanted to tell with realities of my past. But I think I did take some personal growth away from the situation.

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With every film we’ve done, it’s been a lot of ups and downs. I hope I come out of it a better filmmaker with a better grasp on how to tell a story through film. The film has been a very emotional, personal one to do and I can’t thank the cast and crew enough for working on it with me. It’s an incredible thing to see so many people working hard to help turn your words into something other people can see.  Long drives, long hours all with positive attitudes. We’ve had so many new faces on this set, Emily for one, who brings an infectious, positive energy to set. One such that I can’t wait to get back on set with her.

So what’s next? We’ll be working on post production starting immediately. In fact, we’ve been cutting the movie as we shot and should hit a rough cut of the movie by the end of July. Then it will be a long process of finishing the film.  Then…festivals. Our goal is Austin Film Festival in 2015.  Fingers crossed.


As for Twitchy, we’ll keep working on our other projects.  We have shorts in July/August and then two features in the next year.