IMG_0804Well, the end is sadly, getting near. This past weekend we shot two more days in Sabinal, IMG_0801
Texas with our young stars, Reece Ryan, Leslie Solcher and Sydne Clark.



TIMG_0834here is something that these kids are doing with the material that touches me in a way that I’ve not experienced in a long time. The scenes are intended to come across as earnest and unsullied by the years of heartbreak that clouds the vision of their older counterparts.  And whether its the pressure that Reece’s Chris is carrying or the young, hopeful kindness in the eyes of Leslie’s Maggie or the dry wit of Sydne’s Jess, they are painting a clear and bright view of young adult hood that makes the impending heartbreak that much more tragic. And it breaks my heart to watch it…and I love it. The scene where Sydne and Leslie teach Reece to dance really encapsulates all of that. Pretty much anything with Leslie and Reece together really pops with the pain of idealistic young love doomed to failure.

But hey, JANET WAS IN TOWN!  Janet Mayson came into play Ms. LaGrone (named after one of my favorite teachers EVER!)IMG_0828 giving the dreaded “working, but not to potential” speech.  AND MARC CAME IN TO ADR!  We’re ADRing the whole movie.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But there is a method to the madness folks. So they are here…and we’re almost done?  So….WRAP PARTY!  Thanks to the folks at Red’s Porch for accommodate us.  They were tremendous hosts. And our waiter Dante was epic.  I know i was in 5 seats at one point.  Yet my food found me. So thanks guys!  We’ll be there again soon…


What’s next.  3 days for most of us.  Derek Babb and Terissa Kelton are back up this weekend to wrap their parts. Then Chris and I will spend Monday in Sabinal getting some of the atmospheric shots needed for the movie.

IMG_0869 IMG_0844 IMG_0843

I can’t believe its coming to an end. I started out this movie not thinking it would be cathartic. But it has been…

Here are some fun pics of the kids and their older counterparts!

IMG_0870 IMG_0861IMG_0875